Danmarks nye sport i 2022

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Rules of the game Pitjau

You can also download the Pitjau rules booklet her

The serve

  • Always serve with a fully inflated ball
  • Serving height is under the orange ring
  • Serve distance, from ball and body, is 1 meter from the ring
  • A serve is one hit only
  • As in tennis, you have 2 serves
  • If a serve goes through, but touches the ring, the serve does not count. Serve again

Maximum 3 touches

  • After the serve, you have maximum 3 touches to get the ball back through the ring
  • You can use all body parts to play
  • If your opponent eg. hits the ball so that it lands on your chest, you have already used your first touch
  • You can often save a difficult ball, kicking it with your foot


  • No blocking is allowed
  • Not by the serve or in regular gameplay

Touching the ring

  • If a player touches any part of the ring or the stand, the point is lost

Bounce of the ring

  • If the ball hits the orange ring and bounces back, you have 3 new touches to get the ball through the ring again
  • This action can not be repeated until the ball has passed through the ring

Smach distance

  • For close shots, if you hit the ball closer than 1 meter from the ring, you must only shoot straight or upwards
  • From a distance further away than 1 meter, shooting downwards is allowed

1 ON 1

  • Always serve with a fully inflated ball
  • Remember correct serving height and distance
  • A match is played best of 3 sets to 9 points
  • A set must be won by minimum 2 points
  • If a ball hits the wall or other items, just keep playing.
  • If the ball is not moving or hits the floor, it is lost


  • Position 1 player on each side of the ring. The rest of the players behind either one of them
  • Serve, and continue after play round the ring counterclockwise. Still max 3 touches
  • When you begin a new round, always play the ‘friendly round’. That means, that until server has hit the ball the 2nd time, nobody ‘dies’ even when making a mistake. Once server touches the ball the 2nd time, the game is on. If you fail, you exit the game
  • Once down to 2 players, play 1 on 1, best of 3 balls. When winner is found, everybody joins in again

2 ON 2

  • Players have 3 touches, and both players must touch the ball, before it goes back through the ring
  • A player may touch the ball 2 times in a row, as long as her team player touches the ball either before or after
  • Winning team serves again, but always change the server
  • Play best of 3 sets to 9 points