Danmarks nye sport i 2022

Bestil allerede nu!

What is Pitjau

Pitjau makes it easy and fun to get to know each other. We are going to laugh, play and get some exercise together. Pitjau brings people together through motion.

Pitjau is a new tremendous indoor ball game, which can be played by everybody from 6 years old upwards. The game was invented and developed in Denmark by Søren Maribo and Mathias Jensen, who previously have been behind the Bumball, MosalQ Zoo and MosalQMove games.

Pitjau is great for those who want to do something active and fun indoors. The ball is so light that you don’t need to worry about breaking anything, whilst you play. Pitjau does not need much room (approx. 5-8 m2), where you can play with friends in the living-room, the family in your holiday home or during a break at the office with colleagues.

Pitjau is easy to get started with. It is played through a ring the same size as a small hula-hoop ring, which is placed on a vertical stand, with adjustable height. You blow on the ball a couple of times, before serving it with the palm of your hand through the ring.
Your opponent now has 3 touches to get the ball to go back through the ring again. You can play 1 on 1, play with many people around the ring or play a double.

You have to use technique and power for Pitjau. You can hit the ball like a tennis ball or a volleyball, but the ball’s flight stops after 3-5 metres and will dip gently down to the floor. With only a bit of practice you can get the ball to twist in the air, which will force your opponent to make some difficult saves! This gives the game new dimensions and different types of duels than other ball games. Even though the playing area is small and the ball is light, you will be using lots of energy during a Pitjau game.

The game fits in your pocket, ready for use. be set up under 1 minute and is easy to store and transport. It isn’t any bigger than a camera stand and weighs only 1 kg. You can also use the ball without the stand and can fit in your pocket, ready for use.

Have a good game and match!