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Terms of trade for People2play

Birkegade 9A,
2200 København N
CVR: 43075187

People2play accept online payment with Visa/Dankort, Mastercard.
Payment will be charged to your account upon sending of the goods or the online product is established, unless otherwise agreed or stated in your order.

All amounts on the website are inclusive Moms

The website uses the following currency in its prices.
Danish kroner (DKK)

People2play uses a secure payment server, which encodes all information with SSL protocols that means your data is safe and cannot be read by other external sources.

People2play’s own website uses a likewise encoding with SSL protocols.

Delivery time for your order is 5-7 days

People2play send the goods with the following firm: GLS-Erhverv

The freight will be caculated by weight

You will be able to choose between having your package sent direct to your home or a package pick-up point

You will always receive a track and trace number, so you can follow your package from our warehouse to your home.

Right of return/cancellation

There is a 14-day full right of return on goods purchased on the website, unless otherwise agreed or stated on your order

The 14 day period starts on day of delivery

Any costs incurred by return of goods are carried by the customer.

Notification of cancellation must be made at the latest 14 days after delivery and be with us 14 days after exercising your right of return/cancellation

Notification of cancellation must be given via e-mail info@pitjau.dk In your notification you must clearly state that you are exercising your right of return/cancellation


Condition of the Goods upon return
You are responsible for any deterioration of the value of the product, due to treatment other than necessary to establish the product in respect to type, properties and functions. This means that the product must be treated in the same way as if it was purchased in an actual shop.

 If the product is tested in a manner other than described above, this will be regarded as a deterioration of its value. This means a lesser amount or no amount to be paid back. People2play’s evaluation of the returned product final.


Right of complaint.
The right of complaint is valid for 2 years regarding products according to Danish purchase law.

The right of complaint is valid for all errors in software, materials and manufacture.

Complaints regarding errors and/or missing parts must be reported to Peopl2play in a reasonable period of time after receiving the product. 2 months is our estimation of ‘reasonable time’, unless otherwise agreed upon. We will refund any reasonable freight expenses.

The right of complaint is withdrawn by incorrect or improper use of the product.

People2play will cover any expenses related to the return of the product to a reasonable extent.

On returning the product, please contact:



Right of return is withdrawn if a reminder needs to be sent, regarding payment.


Customer & Privacy policy.
We do not sell or give those customers, whose personal information or data is in our customer list. You can at any time have your information data deleted from our files.

In order to make an agreement with People2play the following information is needed:

  • Name
  • Address
  • No
  • E-mail address


The registration of your personal information/data is in order to be able to deliver the product to you.

Personal information data registered at People2play is stored for 5 years, thereafter it is deleted.

When personal information/data is collected via our website, we ensure that it is always done with your express consent, insofar that you are informed precisely as to what information/data is stored and for what reason.

The director and the employees of People2play have access to the information

The information/data administrator is Søren Maribo

We do not keep or transmit encoded customer information/data

As a registered customer with people2play, you will always have the right to object against registration.

You also have the right to be able to see what information/data is stored about you.
These rights are guaranteed under the personal data law and any corrections in connection with this must be made to the following: info@pitjau.dk

At www.pitjau.dk we use cookies to optimize our website’s functionality and make your visit to our website as easy as possible.

You can at any time delete these cookies; please see our Webshop Cookies and Privacy policy guide.

Log statistics
We use log statistics at www.pitjau.dk, which means that a statistic system collects information, which is able to give a statistic status of how many visitors we get, where they are from and where on our website they left.

Log statistics are only use for improving and optimizing People2play’s website.


Consumer protection

Read more about your protection as a consumer, when you make a purchase via a Pensopay payment solution:



Any complaints about a product can be sent to:

Konkurrence- og Forbrugerstyrelsens
Carl Jacobsens Vej 35
2500 Valby


For EU citizens living outside EU, complaints are to be sent to EU commission’s online platform for complaints: ec.europa.eu

With any complaint this e-mail must be used: info@pitjau.dk, together with the website you bought the goods from.